A Greater Story is available to all of us.

A greater story is a life completely fueled and guided by the power of God. He has a plan for all of us. The common cry and longing of humanity knowingly and unknowingly, has always and will always be the desire to discover and ALIGN with HIS plan. HIS story. A Greater Story. This campaign was designed to help us all discover how to gain access to that Greater Story. Led and narrated by Sam Collier and his unique story and journey, our goal through our messages, products and initiatives is to partner with individuals to aid them in their process of discovery.  

Sam Collier

Sam Collier is a speaker and host at Northpoint Ministries (founded by Andy Stanley) as well as the Director of City Strategy for The reThink Group (founded by Reggie Joiner). North Point Ministries has 40,000 members around the World. Collectively The reThink Group reaches over 13,000 churches Worldwide. Sam is also the host and creator of “A Greater Story w/ Sam Collier”. A faith based TV, Radio and Podcast that interviews Christian Celebrities and Influencers like Lecrae, Kim Walker-Smith and Michael Todd about the story that God is telling with their lives. His show can now be seen and heard in 100 Million Homes across the World. Through his nonprofit No Losing, Inc. he has empowered over 100k young people to have a winning mindset in life to achieve their goals by creatively making education relevant. Sam is an Atlanta native!