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56 | REACH RECORDS Christmas: Tedashii, 1K Phew, WhatupRG, Marcus Hollinger and Ace Harris

In this Holiday filled episode Sam Collier interviews ‘Reach Records’ recording artists and executives about their 1st ever Christmas Album! The Gift: A Christmas Compilation. Tedashii, 1k Phew, WhatupRG, Marcus Hollinger and Ace Harris join Sam for faith filled discussion undergirded with compassion, empathy and hope. Get their new album TODAY.

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53 | SMALL GROUP MOVIE: Brittany Thoms, Matt Chastain, Making Christian Movies and See Spark Go and Matt Chastain team up to launch an independent film called, SMALL GROUP! Here’s a little about the plot: Documentary filmmaker R. Scott Cooper moves his family from Los Angeles to Athens, Georgia, after being hired to make a film about the dwindling influence of Christianity in America. Upon arrival, he learns that his producer, Ballard, intends to make a cheap hit-piece rather than an objective documentary. Scott turns the job down to protect his journalistic integrity, but financial difficulties force him to negotiate with Ballard who deceives Scott into believing that he will, in fact, tell an honest story.

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