Took in the 5 o’clock service and I am still so shaken emotionally by your story and this message. I feel like there were so many ways this is touching people. I know it’s striking at least 3 different cords with me alone. Thank you for letting God shape you and not being afraid to share with all of us!

Tiffany Sims

Sam it was great to meet you this morning – thanks for sharing so openly – your families story is powerful and shows that there is real purpose in the plans that God has for each of us!

Jim Glover

One of the greatest moments in my church life. Sam you have a gift and God is continuing to show you an even greater path. When I was going through my trials my mom preached to me everyday Ephesians 3:20. May ALL of us accept to experience God’s direction and remove our will and accept HIS!

Whitney Noonan

Great message today, so good in fact I am watching it twice. 0900 after getting off of duty and again now at 5 in my car standing in the gap for our community.

Jamel Campbell

God knew we needed to be at Woodstock City this morning to hear this amazing story! I will be adopting my niece and nephew on April 18th after 2 years, 8 months, and 1 day (as of today). My sister Alyssa and brother-in-law Blake will also be adopting our two younger nieces on this same date as well. Life has been a roller coaster for all of us but I was reminded today of what a good good Father we have and He knows the plan for our lives!

Kelsey Nichole Furubotten

What an amazing testament to what Gods plans are for us. Bless Sam and his entire family ….. may they continue to grow and learn about each other for many years. Thank you Cross Point for having Sam share his story with so many.

Melissa Cook

God at work. Never taking day off.

Craig Brugh

This was the most incredible service I have ever been to. Each week just gets better and better.

Michelle Meckola

I will be thinking about this service for the rest of my life. There are no words to describe what a life changer this sermon was!

MaryBeth Latham